Super match-ups highlight NWSF Cup draw


There will be no repeat of the inaugural Beryl Ackroyd Cup Final, after West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook (2022 Champion) and North Epping Rangers (2022 Runner-Up) were drawn together in the first round of the 2023 edition, just one of a number of tantilising match-ups following the draw of the NWSF Pre-Season Cup competitions today.

In the Gilmour Cup, defending Champions West Ryde Rovers will play the winner of North Ryde v Winner M1 (Gladesville Sharks AA2 v Putney Rangers AA4).

The Gilmour Cup will commence its Round 1 on February 17/18/19, with four games that will feature teams from the All Age leagues, with the highlight match pitting local AA1 rivals Normanhurst Eagles against Pennant Hills.

Match 1 – Gladesville Sharks AA2 v Putney Rangers AA4
Match 2 – Epping AA1 v Gladesville Sharks AA3
Match 3 – Ryde District Panthers AA1 v Hills Hawks AA
Match 4 – Normanhurst Eagles AA1 v Pennant Hills AA1

These four winners + Putney Rangers AA1 went into Round 2, along with the 9 Super League clubs plus 2 Premier League No 2 teams, while the 8 Premier League clubs will enter the competition in Round 3. (Round 2 and 3 Draws will be at the end).

Meanwhile, the second edition of the Beryl Ackroyd Cup not only pits last years finalists together in the first round, but will see local rivals Gladesville Ravens and Putney Rangers go head-to-head. Beecroft will host West Ryde Rovers and Premier League newcomers Macquarie Dragons will play against Epping AA2. First round matches will commence on weekend of March 10/11/12.

Beryl Ackroyd Cup Draw

Match 1 – Beecroft FC v West Ryde Rovers FC
Match 2 – West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook FC v North Epping Rangers FC
Match 3 – Macquarie Dragons FC v Epping FC AA
Match 4 – Gladesville Ravens SC v Putney Rangers FC

Gilmour Cup Draw

Second Round Draw
Match 5 – North Ryde SC v Winner of Match 1
Match 6 – Thornleigh Thunder FC v Winner of Match 2
Match 7 – West Ryde Rovers FC PL 2 v Winner of Match 3
Match 8 – Roselea FC v Winner of Match 4
Match 9 – Gladesville Ravens SC v Putney Rangers AA1
Match 10 – Northern HFC v Putney Rangers FC
Match 11 – Epping FC SL 2 (Red) v Hills Hawks PL 2
Match 12 – North Epping Rangers FC v Epping FC SL 1 (Blue)

Third Round Draw
Match 13 – West Ryde Rovers FC v Winner of Match 5
Match 14 – Pennant Hills FC v Winner of Match 6
Match 15 – Eastwood St Andrews FC v Winner of Match 7
Match 16 – Ryde Saints United FC v Winner of Match 8
Match 17 – West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook FC v Winner of Match 9
Match 18 – Macquarie Dragons FC v Winner of Match 10
Match 19 – St. Patricks FC v Winner of Match 11
Match 20 – Hills Hawks FC v Winner of Match 12

Details of match dates and times will be confirmed in coming days.


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