19 local coaches complete C-Licence

C Licence - coaches

North West Sydney Football would like to congratulate our 19 local coaches on completing the 2023 C Licence.

The C Licence represents a significant investment into the development of coaching practice, with the 2024 course taking place in a unique, staggered format, where candidates completed Part 1 during the winter football season, before completing the course on Part 2 more recently in November.

We are proud of our association’s commitment to growing coaches through the Football NSW/Football Australia coaching pathways, with all participants on this course beneficiaries of NWSF scholarships. This provides financial support to local coaches to complete the course under the guidance of Tim Palmer, NWSF’s Head of Coach and Player Development and NWS Spirit FC Technical Director. This enables the course to be deeply integrated with the NWSF DNA, the association’s framework for football considered a benchmark for player development across NSW.

We are particularly proud also of our commitment to developing female coaches, and particular congratulations goes to Alicia Leggatt (Ryde Panthers), Alison Lloyd (Epping FC), Amy Jahja (Macquarie Dragons), Natalie Mikhael (Normanhurst Eagles), Nicki Walsh (North Epping Rangers) and Tamara Sales (Flying Bats), representing the largest cohort of female coaches on any NWSF course.

We are looking forward to providing more opportunities for coaches in North West Sydney to pursue a C Licence, with courses commencing early in 2024. Please frequent the website and follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more details.

The full C Licence cohort for 2023 is as follows:

  • Adrian Rizzuto (Ryde Saints/NWS Spirit FC)
  • Alicia Leggatt (Ryde Panthers/NWS Spirit FC)
  • Alison Lloyd (Epping FC)
  • Amy Jahja (Macquarie Dragons)
  • Anthony Galluzzo (Normahurst Eagles/NWS Spirit FC)
  • Christopher Marchi (Macquarie Dragons/NWS Spirit FC)
  • Corbin Strauss (Epping FC)
  • Hayden Allen (North Ryde/NWS Spirit FC)
  • Jack Anderson (North Ryde)
  • Jacob Sullivan (Hills Hawks/NWS Spirit FC)
  • Mitch Tracey (Macquarie Dragons)
  • Natalie Mikhael  (Normanhurst Eagles)
  • Nathan Healy (Normanhurst Eagles)
  • Nathaniel Vala (Beecroft)
  • Nicki Walsh (North Epping Rangers)
  • RJ Jargalsaikhan (Macquarie Dragons)
  • Rohan Primrose (Roselea)
  • Tamara Sales (Flying Bats)
  • Warren Joslin (North Epping Rangers)

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