We are all responsible to get rid of referee abuse

RHETT WYMAN soccer referees
Local referees Daniel Emeleus, Rowan Emeleus, Tom Emeleus and Aidan Emeleus chat with Sydney Morning Herald and ABC radio about creating a culture of RESPECT to reduce and remove referee abuse.
North West Sydney Football Referees Association (NWSFRA) president Tom Emeleus said half of our first-year referees do not return for a second season. “The most common reason cited is the abuse they’ve copped.”
“I’ve had some nasty incidents along the way but have learned skills throughout that see me still enthusiastic to continue refereeing,” Tom’s 19yo son Aidan Emeleus said.
“Of course, I’d enjoy it even more without the regular dissent and occasional abuse.”
Read the full SMH article http://ow.ly/kigA50K8euS
ABC Radio have since followed up on the referee abuse issue. Listen to Tom’s 5 minute chat with them on their Breakfast show by jumping to 1:00:30 on the link below.


Play your part to stop referee abuse… take a look at the open letter submitted by NWSFRA father and son.

Open Letter


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PLAY YOUR PART TO STOP REFEREE ABUSE | Abuse of referees is a blight on the game and will not be tolerated at any level.


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