No Respect = No Referee

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North West Sydney Football (NWSF) and North West Sydney Football Referees Association (NWSFRA) urge our community to PLAY YOUR PART TO STOP THE ABUSE OF REFEREES. 

The NWSF RESPECT program was introduced in 2016 and is an ongoing journey to change to culture in Football to a consistently positive and rewarding one

The aim is to create an enjoyable and safe playing environment for ALL participants locally (players, spectators, coaches, volunteers and importantly officials).

PictureIn practice, to recognise those supporting good behaviour every year, one of our 34 clubs is awarded the Fair Play Award by measuring a summary of yellow cards, red cards, and incident reports. Previous winners have been:
2015 Beecroft FC
2016 West Ryde Eagles FC
2017 Old Ignatians FC
2018 Beecroft FC
2019 Roselea FC
2020 2021 Not awarded (COVID-19)


The Fundamental Aim of the RESPECT program is to encourage Respect towards:
-The match officials, without whom the game would be much less enjoyable
-The opposition, without whom there would be no game
-The laws, which keep the game fair and safe
-Yourself, set yourself standards and stick to them no matter what anyone else does

Abuse of referees is occurring locally and will not be tolerated at any level. #RespectTheRef #RespectTheGame
-Officials are also there because they enjoy the game
-They will do their best to keep you safe and enforce the rules
-They are people too. Most likely part of your own football community or a nearby club
-They may make a mistake as do all of us on the field.
-There is never an excuse for treating them with disrespect.
-Support them especially when they are wrong.
-Abusing a referee will never change a decision. It may lead to you being sanctioned. It does certainly lead to match officials giving up and not returning.

Enjoy the game. Be positive to all around you. Be the person that others look forward to playing again.


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PLAY YOUR PART TO STOP REFEREE ABUSE | Abuse of referees is a blight on the game and will not be tolerated at any level.


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