Ryde Council and North West Sydney Football invite you to WALK DON’T RUN!


In support of the NSW Governments ‘Seniors Festival’, North West Sydney Football and Ryde Council have teamed up to deliver Walking Football locally.

The NSW Seniors Festival aimed at those over 60, gives you the chance to make new friends or get together with old ones at an array of local community programs.

The NWSF Walking Football program runs at North Epping Bowling Club, 6:30pm each Friday, from Friday 1 April, until Friday 29 July. It aims to provide participants with physical and mental health benefits, social connections, and the benefits of ongoing physical activity.

What is Walking Football?
Walking Football is strictly non-contact. The very rare collisions that do happen are accidental and at a low speed. So the chances of getting injured are dramatically reduced. Players are consistently reminded not to become too competitive before games and during games by the refs and other players.

It’s Fun” stated local Walking Football player. “I enjoy the social side; it’s as much about talking with teammates as it is walking” reflected Nick.

Walking Football’s rise to popularity comes from the community focused model as echoed by NWSF CEO Jeremy Toivonen who stated “The emphasis is social and not on winning. It’s all about getting out of the house and meeting new people”.

“It’s a great form of exercise” said Karen Waud, association Chair.

Walking football is quickly becoming a great way for you to keep fit and stay involved in football. Research in the UK (where the game has been played for 10 years) has shown that it is a good cardio-vascular exercise.

You might feel a bit tired after a game, but the recovery time is much shorter than running football where you might feel the effects of a game for a few days.

So, walk don’t run, and sign up today!


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